jeudi 31 mars 2016

Can we live in a world without technology?

Most humans think that it is easy to live with no technology. After all, the human race has been around for thousands of years without technology and it lived long enough to last up to the invention of technology.But what if we think a little bit more about it. Can we really live with no, absolutely no, technology? Let me tell you what I think about it.


There is living and “living”. You can live in a state where you try to survive from day to day. Always hungry, thirsty, in a world where everything can cause you lethal diseases. If you think about it again, doctors will get back to good old medicine where everything is made out of plants and where the transport of medicine is almost impossible. According to that, you will see that technology can save more than one person an hour every day.

Living without technology also means living with no Internet, no cars, no phones or even no electricity. So, according to the fact that actual generations can’t stand a day with no internet, I think that it’s impossible to live with no technology.
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mercredi 30 mars 2016

The World in 30 years.

Human beings are always looking for new technologies to make their life easier. For new cars to futuristic ones, they will do everything to reach their goals. According to the fact that humans will develop their technologies “infinitely”, how do you imagine the future world? Will it be better than what it is right? Will the Earth suffer from human’s love for power?
I am a 14 year old teen and I am going to tell you how I predict the future.

First of all, we need to think about ENERGY SOURCES. Many energy sources such as petrol or coal will disappear because they are non-renewable. So humans will look for another power source or use the renewable power sources such as the wind, the sun or even the water. So humans will have to adapt their architectural style by using more nature-friendly materials and recycling. I think that the future world will be pretty cool.

Vehicles will be pretty awesome too! Since scientist has been working on new designs of cars such as the Volkswagen Splinter, which has a futuristic design with beautiful shapes and guess what? They will use new power sources such as the Hydrogen and the solar energy.  We can say that the transportation will evolve in a good way.

Even though, these are only expectations because no one can predict if the future will be good or no. So I think that the best way to make these things possible is to work hard and preserve the Earth and its environment. 
That is going to be it for this article. I hope you found it interesting!